BRS is an international investment holding aimed at the generation of long term value.

Its partners and executives have a strong track record in investments in capital market and real economy. In addition, its network of partnerships on five continents allows you to access investment opportunities with an excellent risk return-return ratio.

BRS works through a close partnership with management teams of its subsidiaries and believes that its differential is the international relationship network, financial engineering and innovation of business models.

Skin in the game

Owner’s capital involved in every business.


The entire management team is paid in direct proportion to business profitability.

Focus on investment processes

Focused on the identification, diagnosis, modeling, implementation and measurement in investment processes, thus achieving consistent results aligned with the goals of the organization.

Asymmetry positive

Decisions in relation to markets and investments are made so that operational errors are fully absorbable and the hits extraordinarily above the benchmarks.


Guidance to the diversification of investments for segregation of economic risks, financial, geographical, legal, tax and exchange.

Multi family international company whose focus is the perpetuation of family patrimony. It has extensive experience in financial planning, investment allocation, risk management, tax and estate planning.

International company of structuring and distribution of real estate investment, providing greater profitability and security to the portfolio of qualified investor.

Consultancy whose vocation is promoting generation and efficient use of corporate resources through the best practices focusing on the economy and the expansion of financial results.

Company with international operations whose purpose is the sport chain optimization with a high standard of consulting and services through good practices in the financial market.

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